"I wish I knew then what I know now..."


Ever said that?

Of course you have. 

So has everyone else. 

My folks are some darn good people. Generous, kind and loving. But when I was young, if parents wanted to teach their kids about failure, bullying or any of life's more complex challenges, they couldn't simply search Google for the best strategies on how to think your way through them.  

They had to trudge forward, almost blindly, and do their best. 

Today, things are different.... 


We have access to almost ALL human knowledge within a few clicks of the mouse

We know about the Growth Mindset  (https://www.mindsetworks.com/science/)

We know that failure is not something to be avoided but, in a way, embraced.

We know that the adults we become are a DIRECT RESULT of the ideas and beliefs repeatedly spoken, read and implied in the actions of those we observe.


So when a growing mind is asking questions like...

How should I treat others?
How should I think about money?
What's the best way to think about failure?

... the Realize Legacy hanging in your living room offers solutions 24/7



You can't be there for every decision they make.

But your Legacy can.



Maybe it's not for you. 

Maybe none of this matters. 

Maybe combining your family's cherished ideas about how to live a happy life with powerful and passionate imagery doesn't mean squat. 

Then again... 

Maybe your kid grows up in a world where a Lion, Shield or Spartan silhouette, evoking feelings of strength and courage, adds a meaning to his last name IT WOULDN'T OTHERWISE HAVE.

Maybe you're at work in his moment of doubt and the ancient wisdom YOU CHOOSE happens to tip the scales of destiny and decision in his favor. 

Maybe when they're bullied, beaten down yet again by a shameful humiliation they can't possibly share with you.... maybe they see your Legacy, hear your voice in their mind and are reminded they are loved and part of something greater... and maybe they don't go down that dark path we read so often about. 

Maybe some mental strategies on how to tackle life's challenges - based on family wisdom, biblical passages or scientific principles we simply didn't know thirty years ago - can be BAKED IN to a growing mind right from the get-go, displayed and available when they are just beginning to read and understand the world around them. 

Maybe beliefs YOU CHOOSE to display in a prominent and well-traveled place in your home - over the mantle, behind the kitchen table  -  say to their growing minds...


"This is IMPORTANT. This is WHO WE ARE." 


             "We are the Egle's."

             "We are the Egle's."

           "We are the Sinclairs."

           "We are the Sinclairs."

          "We are the Canizaro's."

          "We are the Canizaro's."


Maybe by repeating your Legacy as a Family Creed everyday... 

...like prayers bring us closer to God

...like the Pledge of Allegiance inspires Freedom and Justice


Maybe... juuuust maybe...


The ideas in your Legacy strengthen the bonds of Family and

become part of their personality. 



******   That's EXACTLY why I created the Realize Legacy  ******